Client Testimonials

Attorney Elliott Cin handled my  case for social security benefits and won my case.  I recommend him highly .  He was always available to to answer any of my questions, he was very proffessional.   I was very satisfied with the way he handled my case from the very beginning.  He was always very prompt in giving me a response to any of my concerns.  I recommend him highly and would use him again if needed.

Anna Witowski

I would highly recommend Elliott Cin as legal counsel. We used Elliott's professional services for our family wills and other legal documents and he was thorough and prompt. When I had my unfortunate auto accident, he responded quickly and kept me informed at all times. Elliott is truly a professional and I appreciate his sensitivity and his supportive nature.

Shelley Kohr

Elliott Cin is an excellent communicator as well as a fine attorney


I have worked with Mr. Cin over the past 2 years on my Social Security Disability case. He completely understands how the process works and was instrumental in my receiving benefits. He is extremely professional, hard working, reliable, and knows how to finish the job. He knew my case inside and out and prepared me for my final hearing. He guided me on my personal statement as I had left out many important details. He met me early on the morning of my hearing date and thoroughly reviewed my case with me so that I would be well prepared. He made me feel extremely comfortable as I was nervous on the day of the hearing. I would highly recommend Mr. Cin. You can be sure he will have your best interest and feel confident in the outcome of your case.

Ann Lee

To whom it may concern: I have known and worked with Elliott Cin for over 15 years. He is a terrific and accomplished attorney with sterling values. He is diligent and very respectful of his clients, his co-workers and his staff. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with him.

Suzi Waldman Gerstenhaber

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to recommend Mr. Elliott Cin as your disability attorney. I have known Mr. Cin for two years and have nothing but positive things to say.  He was highly recommended to represent my claim.  There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Cin will be an excellent attorney to represent your case.  He is an expert in disability law.  With his experience, knowledge, and dedication, he helped me win my disability claim. Please do not hesitate on contacting me at 281.900.2888 if you have any further questions.

Priscilla Da Vigo

Elliott works very hard for his client and is very knowledgeable about the law. He has great ethics and I highly recommend him as an attorney and human being.

Andrew Traub

Mr. Elliott Cin is an excellent lawyer. I was referred to him by my rheumatologist and I had been Blessed to have him as my lawyer. Mr. Cin is very honest, knowledgeable, and patient. He had explained the entire process to me every step of the way. From the first time that I had called his office until the very end of the entire appeal process, he had always taken time out of his very busy schedule to answer any and all of the questions that I had asked in reference to the social security disability appeal process. I am very grateful and thankful to God for allowing us to be able to win the social security disability court appeal. I am also very grateful and thankful to Mr. Cin for helping me to win the social security disability court appeal.

Renita M. Williams

Attorney Elliott Cin handled my case for me and conducted the finest professional job that any lawyer could offer. He won my case and rendered complete success. I would perfer that Attorney Cin will always be available for me if any other incidents occur. I recommend Atttorney Cin who is capable of handling any case with in his means.